Cloudplane was opened to the public on January 2021. Typically, a collective domain is the hub to all websites on various fandoms and subjects that web owners typically have something interested in. In this case, this directory focuses on genres mainly based on non-fanlisting related subjects, generally anime, manga, or game series. As the internet began to change over the years, however, the number of collective domains have significantly declined. Today, only a few remaining collectives exists. Thus, we began our mission to preserve these beautifully created domain/subdomain collectives into one directory.

What is a collective?

A collective, in a sense, is defined as a collection of websites. They're filled with fun/fan-based content whether it'd be sites for their blogs, shrines/tributes, fanlistings, cliques, trading card games, graphic sites, galleries, fanfictions, etc. These sites may be devoted to only to a specific/various subject or series run by a person or different individuals. In addition, most collectives would have a special name such as "[insert some name here] network / organization / studio" As an example, we call our network the Celestial Oracle Studio.


Version one features Megurine Luka from the series VOCALOID. This layout was coded in Notepad and is best viewed on 1600x900 screen resolution or higher. Directory script is written and coded by Aelyn made for PHP 7.x and MySQL 8.x. Fonts used were Abel, PT Sans Narrow & Source Sans Pro. Resources and programs are linked at Memento - Credits & Resources Directory.
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