General Guidelines

Please read the rules carefully before applying to ensure your application will go through smoothly. Should there be any confusion or questions you'd like to ask or clarify, you may do so at the contact form. Be mindful that rules may subject to change without any notice.

  1. Domain collectives and subdomain collectives only.
    No fanlisting collectives please. We also accept collectives with a mix of other contents in it such as graphics, etc. Also, check if your site isn't already listed before applying.

  2. The domain or subdomain must be yours when submitting a site to the list.
    We will not list any dead link, harmful (hacks, virus, etc), hate or adult sites. Hiatus or upcoming sites are allowed as long as it's not deemed indefinite.

  3. You must provide an 88x31 button of your site.
    File extensions must either be .jpg, .gif, or .png only. We will upload your button onto our own server upon acceptance.

  4. Inform us if you'd like your site removed.
    Should you want to remove your site off the list, please use the update form.

  5. As a courtesy, please keep your information updated.
    Normally, we would update them for you. But if there's a specific button design, URL, name, etc. you'd like to change, please use the update form

Get Listed

Note that this form is optional. If you would like to update/delete your information, you can update here. If you encounter any problems, please use the contact form. All fields are required before submitting your form. Required fields are marked with the asterisk symbol (*).

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