Cloudplane was opened to the public on January 2021 and is maintained by Aelyn and Cerine. This web directory mainly focuses on genres based on non-fanlisting collectives with subjects specifically on anime, manga, or game series. Our mission is to preserve these beautifully created collectives into one directory. Back in the early 2000's, there were numerous of creative webpages, although a population of personal websites has significantly declined over the past years. The decline in personal sites are largely a result of the rise in social media platforms.

What is a collective?

A collective is the central hub to all websites on various fandoms and subjects that web owners typically have something interested in. In a sense, is defined as a collection of websites gathered in one site. These collection of sites may contain with fun/fan-based content such as reviews, blogs, shrines/tributes, fanlistings, cliques, trading card games, graphic sites, galleries, fanfictions, etc. These sites may be devoted to only to a specific/various subject run by a person or different individuals. In short, your collective is your main corporate and your sites are your branch. Either way, every sites are unique representations of the creator and web directories created niche spaces that enabled this kind of discovery and connection.

Layout Info

Here's a piece of artwork, illustrated by Amamori, that captivated me from the beginning. Normally, I (Aelyn) wouldn't proclaim this so confidently, but this art is just — for the lack of a better word (I think words sometimes inexplicably fail to describe feelings and emotions in tangible form) — magnificent. The transition from dark theme to light theme was a fresh change to suit the directory's name better. The combination of soft, pastel colors overall gave the second version a more aesthetic and softer feel. Directory script and form is coded by me.
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